Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holy Muffin Top, Batman!

So… I currently weigh more then I think I have ever weighed in my life.
What makes this even more pathetic is in December/January (10 months ago) I was fitting in to my high school jeans, and if I do say so myself… I had a hot little body!

Now – not so much.

Even my ‘big jeans’ are too tight.

So in order to fix this current muffin top situation. <----click for pictures of muffin tops! I have joined Weight Watchers and I am going to track my progress on this blog. My future food posts from restaurants will no longer contain 4 appetizers, plus a meal, plus a dessert - as much yumminess as that is, it's not good for anyones waist line!

I need to get healthy and to a weight I am happy with because even though the way I look should not affect who I am as a person – it totally does. I hate the way I look and I am positive EVERYONE else see’s all my flaws too…

This will be called my “Muffin Top Meltdown” and I will post every Tuesday my progress and weight lost with Weight Watchers. J

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