Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ass Grabbers BEWARE!!

I am going to sue all the guys that grabbed my butt at a bar or touched me inappropriately when I walked by them. BUT… I am going to wait until they are attempting to be in a position of power so I can knock them off their high horse and ruin their life. I want to make them look bad for something that they did 10 years ago, in circumstances that I truly cannot recall, but when asked by the reporters what happened, I will be able to tell the public, verbatim, what was said and done.

I already have Gloria Allred lined up to stand by my side, while I flip my hair in front of the camera’s, talking about how he touched me inappropriately. My bottom lip will start to quiver from remembering how the events scared me for life, but at the same time I will probably have to hold back a giggle when I say genitals.

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