Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tippy, Tippy, Tippy

Tippy.... my sisters dog has been living with me for a couple of months now. She is beautiful corgi/bordie collie mix. Sounds weird huh? Just picture a border collie with really short legs.

She drools.
She sheds like crazy.
She never sits still.
She likes to eat post it notes, dry wall, floor boards, tea bags....
She wants the bone that Rocky has, even if she has her own.
She wants to lay where Rocky lays, even if that means her solid body is practically on top of him.

Tippy never runs out of energy. I played fetch with her for awhile last night, took her and Rocky for a walk, left her out in the back yard for a hour or so and she still came in ready for attention and play time.

Rocky and I are exhausted just watching her.

She is harder to handle then Rocky, but she is very well behaved. She is smart, probably too smart, and really is the sweetest dog. She tries to snuggle up to me, but she's so heavy! When I pet her she is so content, but then I have to be petting Rocky at the same time. He gets a bit jealous.

As much as she can annoy me, she is just a big sweetheart with nothing but love for me - and I love her too.

I'll miss her when Sam takes her back.
I think Rocky will too....

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