Monday, March 5, 2012

Alba - in the East Village

It was a windy but clear night in Des Moines, Iowa when I went to Alba in the East Village to have dinner with some girlfriends. My mood was chipper and my shirt was cute as hell - so I was feeling good.
I met my friends some old, some new - there were 8 of us altogther. Conversations were great, drinks were flowing and the food was SOOOO yummy.....but expensive.

We started with a cheese platter, jalapeno fritters, roasted brussels spouts and a squash and Granny Smith Apple soup to get us going.

For my meal I ordered the scallops. They were soooo good. My friend Nicole and Katrisha ordered the vegetarian hash. I have no idea what that involved, but they seemed to like it. Jen ordered a burger that looked wonderful and two girls ordered a fish that was really good. The food is all 'fancy' with mainly local, fresh ingredients. I would recommend this place if you are looking for something a bit more fancy and a bit 'different' it was so good!!! And the martinis are TO DIE FOR!

And then... dessert. This apple cranberry cobbler with walnut ice cream was the end to a fabulous meal. It was sweet and salty. SOOOOO good.

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