Thursday, March 8, 2012

Less Than 2 Days

As my days are winding down at NCMIC, people have been stopping by my desk and telling me good luck and good bye and telling me I will be missed.

When I first started at NCMIC I worked with Jenny and Meggin. We all became fast friends. They are funny, witty, strange and wonderful and I know our friendships will continue after I leave. They both gave me cards that made me cry… I’m going to miss them a lot.

Another of my co-workers, Nicky and I are going to Chicago for Saint Patrick’s Day with my sister and our other friend Angie. I also know that Nicky and I will continue to be friends after I leave. She’s so funny and fun to be around.

It’s weird to think about not seeing these people that I have seen every day for 4 years. The hardest part of leaving has been the thought of leaving the wonderful people that NCMIC has. It truly is a great company – but I need a new adventure.

Below is an email a co-worker wrote to me. He’s not someone I see daily or talk to often… but it was a very sweet email.

Hi Holly,

Rumor has it that (hope I’m wrong!) that you’ve found another job and will be leaving soon.  I’ll be sorry to see you go. For what it’s worth though, I wanted to pass something on.

I really respect the way that you’ve worked so hard with different social causes over these past years.  You’ve seen a need and done something to help when most people would look right past it.  That’s unique and admirable- and speaks volumes to your terrific character.

Just wanted to pass that along before you go…not knowing if I’d ever get a chance to say it.  Hopefully it doesn’t come across as a ‘I hardly ever talk to that guy…what’s he doing sending me this?’. It just seems that some good things should be noticed though, and all those things that you’ve done are among the very best.

Best of luck with your new job- I’ll miss seeing you.

“Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”

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