Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Romantic Getaway (?)

For MONTHS Jerry and I had been waiting patiently for our tropical vacation. His mom's family organized a cruise to celebrate his Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. It was part of my Christmas present and my Valentines present from Jerry.

The Cruise was leaving from Galveston Texas on a Monday and we decided to leave the Friday before and spend some time with my family in Houston. We drove down, me with a icky cold but excited about our first trip together and getting to some sunshine and warm weather.
We stayed with my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Danny on Saturday and Sunday night. They took us out both nights and we had a lot of fun with them. It was nice of them to let us crash at their home. Sunday we headed to my Aunt Ann's for brunch and so that Jerry could meet my whole family. It was great! Everyone liked him and he made a great first impression by wearing his Packer t-shirt.

While we were in Texas it rained. The sun did not shine. It was 70 at the highest, but cooled off dramatically with the blanket of clouds that was preventing any sun from shining on us. We thought "oh well, we'll get plenty of sun on the cruise". Welllllll, that did not happen.

Sunday night while out to dinner with D and D, Jerry got a call from his mom saying there was a fire on our ship and that she didn't know what would come of it. (If we'd go on a different ship, leave later, etc). Jerry was bummed and so was I but I tried to remain optimistic. A few hours later he got a call that our cruise was cancelled altogether and we'd get a 100% refund. At this time we did not realize the extent of the cruise ship saga that started that day.

I decided we could go to San Antonio, see the river walk, chill for a couple days. But when I woke on Monday morning, feeling like complete ass with the horrible cold and the fact that it wasn't supposed to be sunny in Texas for 2 more days - "Let's go home". And our romantic first vacation together ended there. (Jerry is a Saint for handling me... seriously). We decided to make the hour drive to Galveston so that Jerry could at least see the ocean and perhaps we could walk the Strand. I had been there many times and figured it would be something to do for a bit.

We got to Galveston and it was windy and rainy and cloudy and MISERABLE! Jerry refused to wear a coat and my coat couldn't keep me warm enough. Snot running down my face, I gave in and walked with Jerry down the jetty so he could get close to the ocean.

This is how pretty it was that day:

We didn't walk the Strand since it was freezing out. We headed home. Stopping in Atoka, Oklahoma at a Comfort Inn where they offered us a king size bed room, and then they remembered that door was not locking properly and gave us a room with two double beds. My cold had turned even more nasty and continuing with our very romantic trip, I slept in a separate bed then Jerry. I told him "I just need to sleep, I want to be in the bed alone. I know this makes you mad, but I don't care." I was done. I was stressed, sick and just wanted to be home.

We didn't talk much the next day driving the rest of the way home (keep in mind the sun had still not shown itself and it was raining, AGAIN). I decided the words of the day were phlegm and f#ck. We got home, finally, stopped at a liquor store, bought the stuff to make hurricanes and drank. After all, we were still on vacation. At this time we learned that the ship we were supposed to have boarded the day before, was still at sea, and the 4,000 people on board were stuck there. They finally made it back to the states 5 days after they were supposed to be back. I am thankful that was not us.

Although the trip did not go at all how we planned, it's certainly a memory we won't soon forget. We have discussed our next tropical getaway and it does not include a cruise at this time, even though Carnival did offer us a 25% discount if we decided to book again. I think we'll wait on that...

Oh... and to top it all off I went to the doctor and found out I have a double ear infection. Beat that story bitches!


  1. Aw man- that stinks. I hate it when your high hopes for vacation just go down the pot.
    BUT i guess this means Jerry still owes you some kind of sweet Christmas and Vday present?? I'd book a Hawaii flight. :)

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster award!